For Joe

You see before you look - a lot of people do it the other way around. The hardest part is seeing what's inside of you - finding echoes of your mind in the world is easy because you are the world.


Last one

I've been digging into the photos. Many unpublished. I was bored so I made a selection. Here are 5 out of 36. I'll keep the rest for when I'll get bored next.

night crawler

The idea is to post a whole lot. One at a time. I'll explain on the last one.



I recently visited the website of Nigel Shafran, a photographer I have long been in awe of and whose work speaks so intimately of what it is to be human in our days that I gave my copy of his 2004 Steidl publication Edited Photographs 1992-2004 to a dear friend to speak in my place.
I didn't know he made in 2012-2013 a series named Packages. This only confirmed the bond I felt  as I spent much time (and used a considerable amount of space) to collect and photograph packagings around that time. I regularly get mocked by my daughter for displaying such props on walls or shelves (although I'm trying to control my habit as I do not wish to end as a hoarder, suffocating into a mess of consumerism rejects. Still I couldn't help it yesterday when I entered the kitchen and was struck by the luminescent ultramarine barquette used for the delicious figs (I LOVE figs) I bought in the morning. The color, outremer in french, the name barquette (a small embarcation typical of Marseille) are right on to keep the holidays going a bit further. the plastic bag is one of those new biodegradable beauty of the palest shade of RGB 234 243 232 HEX/HTML EAF3E8 CMYK 7 0 5 0 or Pantone ® P 133-1 U. I took a few shots but all but this one were completely out of focus (that just gives me an excuse to keep the thing around for a few days and have another go at it!). I was listenning to Andrew Weatherall show while doing my business and it felt good to have the rush (of.) again. So to my masters, guru, kindred, I send a whiff of (real) fig and some ultramarine cosmic light flow.



Be the light

This is what happens shortly after

wind was blowing
I was lying alone
with want to extinguish my death
as I looked straight ahead
you were all I could see

This is what happens just before you fall in love