matter of fact

propagation by cutting

I am working really really hard my friends. Nothing to show yet but it will be here eventually. Yes, I am developing a thing on rotting apple. This one is 2 months in the process.



Something terrible is happening with the colors. I must clear the page.

We watch the sun rise



There is in Avignon a cobbled street along which runs a narrow canal. the water brought here from the Rhone river used to activate a few water wheel mills for the dyers working there and later the noisy rotative printing press of a small printing industry. Through my primary school years,one of my best friend's father  used to work there as a team leader. I found the noise, the discarded materials fascinating every time we walked pass the printers on our outings in to town. Was it around there that I caught my first glimpse of a Pantone color sampler? I can not remember; all I know is that this was not a mere fad, but a deep rooted obsession with the color spectrum and its classification. It is mildly irritating to  have to accept once again that, what I believe to be very personal  attachment to random objects  seem to arise from 1970's subliminal advertising and hours of television watching because they always end up as  mass consumption trend or ...may be is my memory not so reliable after all. Any way, shelves of Pantone Guide Set notepads, mugs and the likes have been sprouting out of all the best London homeware stores for the past 5 years so I feel really stupid now with my box of Dulux, NCS,Albany, Spectrum, The Little Green Paint Company and Farrow and Ball color samplers which I collected over the years to make up for the Pantone I could not afford(around £300.00 for the complete color guide). I can always chuck the lot and content with looking around for color nuances that this town has to offer.
Not far from Avignon, in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, there has been for century a paper factory and there use to be a silk worm farm for years. I am so glad the Equipment shirt business has relaunch, they make the best silk shirt in beautiful on trend colors. Clothes can be the bees' honey.

a line has two sides

Tittle from Brian Eno's Obliques Stategies