Yesterday I put up a D-Lux version of this picture. I had nothing better to do but shoot a version with the Nikon. So, after a long deliberating with my index finger, I deleted yesterday version to give you this one. I am trying all those new application on the way. New Adobe Element 10 on trial for a month, version 11 was out by the time I finished downloading the free version10, new ViewNx and Transfer. Only my brain is the old version.
I went and explore the library this afternoon, good grace, amazing, grand, set in a XIV century catholic building with 10 meter high decorated wooden ceiling. It beats my old Maida Vale library. There isn't as many books on Irritable Bowel Syndrome though.


Brand new

I have a brand new computer, completely empty of all images I may have intentionally or accidentally taken. It feels like Robert Frank's photographs of Route 66. but on a Mac.


He said :"you're sad". I couldn't deny it so I left. Now he's sad.