We are wardrobes wanting to be shipping-containers.


Kitchen sink

the jam jar

Going to the Victoria & Albert museum makes me happy but I am no royalist.


answer to the Who am I post from yesterday:
from top to bottom
  -Denis Hopper's caravan
  -Glen E. Friedman's garden gate
  -Wilhelm Sasnal's kitchen tap
  -Walker Evans' memorial
  -Bernhard Willhelm's  bento box
Did you think it was funny?


Who am I, Who am I

          knock, knock!


drip drip drip trip drip

tap tap tap

yum yum



It got to the point where we did not go out of the house for days. We went down the road to the 24 hours store for essentials and...the kids went to school on their own and they would bring some milk on their way back. I bought a digital copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica and I started reading that and when the kids got home, I had lots of stories to tell them and in a way that sort of made up for all the things they did not learn in class. We talked a lot about the persecution of the Jews and infinite sequences in mathematics and abstract impressionism; about industrialization as well. That really fascinated them. Sometime, Gilles did an entire track in one day and we danced to it in the evening. There just was no going back.



did you think I would quit

cars 2

I went to see Lee Friedlander at Timothy Taylor yesterday. It was fabulous beautiful thank you Timothy.
There is one week left to see it. You should. Lee Friedlander is my Düsseldorf school all to himself. I sware I didn't know about his car photographs, the old ones and the new ones, when I said I was shooting from my car boot sometimes last year. of course I never followed up on my idea and now that I have seen Lee's work well, it's pretty pointless isn't it… I will never do anything anywhere near as good as what he has done and he has done it for exactly the same reason I intended which is to include the ugliness of the modern car into a "classic" landscape shot and tame one's own demon. I know I know
Still got that bloody white plastic chair in the garden...what do I do?
I have just spent a bit of time on my Google Reader and seen more fashion photographers rip off not so fashionable photographers and there are tons and tons of shows and prizes and books and Kathy Grayson at Art From Behind still makes me laugh and yes I did miss the exhibition of Pablo Bronstein at the ICA. I'm gonna listen to Lindström and Christabelle Lovesick to console myself.