Valentine day will never be the same

                                                  Fernand Reynaud  30/12/1915 - 14/02/2011


Floor Tom and Side Stick

The sub-Committee is made up of elected members who receive a written report in advance of the committee meeting. They make a decision after a presentation and recommendation by senior members. All letters are carefully considered by the Sub-Committee before a final decision is made. The Sub-Committee may grant permission, usually with conditions, or refuse it. Occasionally a decision may be deferred for further information or negotiation.

p.s: I read the latest Daniel Clowes, Wilson, last night. 


when it is switched on

aaaaahhhhhh, the sun was coming through today, everything seemed to want and tell me something. Some light...and that was all that I needed...if somebody could put the sound up a little now, that would be great.
I finally made it to the Serpentine yesterday to see Philippe Parreno. Ah, It was beautifull! you can read Thom Brige from BonzoBonzo review of the exhibition here because all he is saying, althought very personal, is right on the button. In addition I would just say that, as I sat through Invisible Boy, I had a sense of being at home, you know, a bit like a spiritual state, where everything made sense and I understood what was being said to me, and this was a language that elated me. Yeah, I know, it's that whole thing of Art being the new religion...yes, I guess there was a sense of that, that I was part of a spiritual community and Philppe Parreno is my god. Ah! ah! ah! Although, I will add that the June8,1968 video is most excellent. Filmed from the funeral train that carried Bobby Kennedy's body back home, it shows the anguished face of american folks on the side of the track, come to show their last respect. There was something deep to explore here and that is what Parreno has done by making his re-creation of the event, directly inspired by Magnum photographer Paul Fusco reportage. Some  photographs where shown in a newspaper sunday supplement a few years ago, probably the Paul Fusco ones, and they made such a strong impression on me, I kept the magazine for ages; now of course, I can't put my hands on it.
I have just read, in the Evening Standard of all places about a recently opened gallery space in London, the Edel Assanti project space and gallery. I will visit next week, hoping to find a new church worthy of my devotion.