mens talk

I am shredding photos, listening to armenian music and generally worrying.



Congratulation to Ed and Lisa on the birth of their son. I have started chasing baby size yellow socks and Mies is working on a compilation of the finest british house music.





and this one is for Martine

She is tall.

For Alison

Yesterday, I took all my cameras out of their different boxes, draws and cases and gave them all a little health check and one of my worst nightmare has happened...the prism of the Rolleiflex has mold and would need a specialist intervention. I couldn't help to take it apart and check the damage.Just like my marriage, it is bad and I have no cure. I snapped a few pictures though, it gave me a break from clicking on a mousse, but as usual, I had homework to attend to and a dinner to cook so I did not spend as much time under the rainbow as I would have liked, so more to come.
I had a card from a very dear long lost friend today and this picture is for her as I know she would understand why a pretty girl like me would choose to spend 20 minutes looking at a piece of glass.
Hans-Peter Feldmann made me smile a large smile today at the Serpentine Gallery.