more crash

This wasn't an accident, but all the same, I incidentally walked that street and not another. I guess the fascination for hazy scenery comes directly from oil paintings and the early 20th C carbon and bichromaticgum(bichromated gum) photographic print process. I used to print some B&W through a commercial plastic sheet or a cut off plastic bag around 1994 to get the effect. In 2004 I discovered the work of Uta Barth; she shoots nice graphic, color, hazy close up of interiors. She has a great body of work but after a while I found it boring. There are a lot of images I stopped producing because I was  scarred of boring myself. That 's how you get labelled "inconsistent", I consider my photographic journey to be adventurist, reflecting my agitated mind. Saying that, I have been quite consistent in photographing windows, dust and corners.

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