International Women's Day

My best friend's mother past away last week. My mother has asked me for a new post to reflect on while she is coping with another snow fall. My neighbour (the one who feed my cat while I'm away spraining my knee on ski slopes) and I had coffee this morning and once again lamented on the sacrifice we feel we are making for our husbands. Fatima, a single mother whose daughter also attend Le Lycee is doing the bus journey to school with Rita and assure me: "we help each other out". The sunday papers are resurrecting feminism, after announcing a sharp rise in child's poverty ( bad lazy ignorant feeble selfish mother!).
Three weeks ago, I watched for the third times Pedro Almodovar Volver and strongly felt it was one of the best film ever made. This picture of 3 little wonky, man made, tables embellished by flower plastic table cloth is my allegory of 100 years of feminism. You can make what you want of the squashed chewing-gum on the floor.

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