Spring is all over the place, sunshine, daffodils, Alys Fawler and her edible garden on the BBC, Cath Kidtson on a roll for world domination, Essex Ladies in their 70's starting their sunburning cure on newly renovated, primroses planted Marble Arch Plaza. The cat is shedding so many hair, it won't be long until I can do my photo shoot for PETA; it's nice, there is beautiful sunlight again, the thing is, I can not stop thinking about cars. I am doing a lot of strange test from inside my car, some street shots where the cars have the focus whereas I have been cursing any kind of post 1960 vehicles littering my field of vision for years; I'm on the sprawl for the London best car park, window-licking at Peter Bradfield Vintage Cars in South Kensington, and the more I'm becoming engrossed in  my car visual delirium tremens, I remember that I have a fair number of snapshots featuring cars and more so of while-in-a-car snapshots, like the one above, at the red light on the rond point de Realpanier coming back from Arles. I won't go into detail on the reasons I named that blog hips like boys but yes, cars were an important part of me growing up and I'm not ashamed to say I still squeal when I see a Ferrari 250GT. I 'll only show the pretty stuff today but I'm hoping to come up with something interesting from my "3 days in a car boot" shoot.

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