but where is everyone?

I like iPhoto, it is scarily easy, I just scroll up or down and pick and mix and it's tidy and mostly the good enough to be published pictures stand out from the mediocre more rapidly than in my head. There is no time wasted shifting through boxes of prints and then more boxes of negatives. I could never guaranty that my negatives would stay with their contact-shits. And I never need to find the magnifier again, a double click and I have a 14x11 in image in front of me. Still yesterday I felt hatred for all things digital, I just wanted to hold some prints, move them around, align a little story, look at some color pigments and not some brightly lit pixels. I can not remember the last time I got something printed. Now there is too much. My anger at the digital mainly came after looking at the result of a portrait session I did recently and being certain that the result would have been so much better if I had used one of the film camera. My world has become flat. I long for the depth, the richness of traditional prints, I want a black with detail, a highlight with detail, may be I don't want to scroll endlessly in Steve Jobs' deserted land. I know, no one is forcing me. I'm gonna start eating pasta every day again so that I can treat myself to a beautiful print.

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