The straw hat

This morning I read a fairly interesting essay by Mark Greif on the Hipsters in The New York Time Sunday book review, dated 12/11/2010. I live in London and there are a lot of hipsters. In fact, since reading Greif's not so flat platitudes, it appears I use to be one; Mr Greif, referring to Pierre Bourdieu, establish that one type of hipster is "the middle class child who moves to large urban area to work in the creative field". So nicely and bluntly said. I think the hipster is the city guy who categorize the provincial youth in social type because they all wear the uniform of globalization whatever the trend of the year. close. Who cares about stereotype  anyway. We all know crystal-meth is not good for you.
I have done a bit of thinking today, about improvement and series. and the dream and  understanding what people want to see in acknowledging what I want to see. Then I decided it wasn't time on a tuesdayto fight with myself and left the house . The bitter cold helped me forget immediately about all the gibbering my hip-self come up with. Tonight I had me self a bit of fun. I haven't got a clue but I'm enjoying.
p.s: the plastic white chair was bought for a photo-shoot a few weeks ago. I have spent such a long time hating those god damn thing', I had to resolve the matter. Now, I'm stuck with the thing, I can feel the pressure building... it's wicked.

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