coming back in a good mindframe

...the possibility of returning to what has already happened is phenomenal...it is specifically human... it is art, isn't it? That is what listening to house music induces on me.
...the bloody crippling doubt came on at me again, and I went digging in one of my negatives pick and mix boxes looking for this photo I took with my Olympus MJ. This is from around the time where I started to finally admit  that good photography was essentially good when the main subject was light, the rest comes after. I have always liked this photo. A couple of years after taking it, I saw one  very similar by Juergen Teller; see it here. Ironically, in typical Teller, his doesn't have much light but that is what make it good; its gloom. I like feeling that the people I have long admired seem to be in the same head space as me. very reassuring. This hasn't been happening for a long time. The snowy light in London at the moment is like the one in this photo: a mix of blue and yellow on a milky dust, very difficult to replicate. It is beautiful.
I'll kill you, creepy doubt.

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