Argh! It's that time again. At no other time in the year is the battle so fierce. Yes, I want to show my friends I love them, but do I really want to write merry christmas on a card printed in China (it already says Merry Christmas inside anyway) or worse some ugly squirrel or robin plonked on some ethically sourced most unappealingly designed card ( thank you for reminded me that we live in a bad bad ugly mean world where there's no fun to be have anymore), do I really really want to buy them the new Alec Soth or the new Stephen Gill book (no, I want it for MYSELF). Mostly, I'm condemned to a whole month of guilt ridden thoughts for not being as generous, as thoughtful as I should. My whole winging, self-pitying behavior gets a knock on the shoulder too when the concrete proof that I am surrounded by people who loves me, is right there, pilling up in front of me (well, so much for the chocolate!).
I have to go... another friend to meet up for a last drink before the new year ( oh! please let it be the Alec Soth book!).

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