Birthday bonanza

These pictures are all holiday snapshots I've taken with the Leica DLux2. I wish my work had some kind of commercial value, but then it would not exist as it is. The images I do would be of a much higher quality would I be a professional photographer but chances are I would not do the same kind of images, the kind that has little to say but just ink at life, the photographs I do are just about memory, discovering through memory. I use to try to communicate with others by doing their portraits but more and more I content to communicate with myself. What I discover in the depth of my mind interest me more than it does others.
It's been a year since I started HIPSLIKEBOYS; as a gift, I will tell you why I called it that : I have hips like a boy, straight, no round curves there for me, the bone is near, trousers hang onto it. It is not a nationality thing, I have that french tomboy look about me. I'm also a bit obsessed with jazz, the 50's, the beat generation, the hipsters, the cool cats, the down and under...anything hip does it for me. That's all.


ACS said...

these photos are gorgeous!

hipslikeboys said...

merci so much.