Dark matter

Aaah, the Wellcome collection has a show on at the moment titled Dirt: the filthy reality of everyday life
A lot about how to eliminate it but a beautiful display by James Croak, made of compacted dirt, his 'Window" 1991, gave me the shiver, such a beautiful piece it is. I could never stop talking about the dark stuff, be it dust, or rejects, destroyed repulsed matter of this world and of others. We watched INCEPTION tonight and ended talking afterward about instinct and the construction of the self, the elaboration of fears; what can I say but that this is where I am scavenging on?  The picture above was taken in the cellar of an old farm; It was shot practically blindly as my torch had run out of battery, I could feel cobwebs brushing on my face and hands, the walls of the staircase where I stood were oozing...the ten minutes it took me to shoot were a bit like a scale and polish at the dentist, unpleasant self-inflicted and mildly painful exercise that will eventually brings its reward.

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