leaves of grass

Only recently did I understand how much I long for a mentor, a guru...somebody, not blogger, I could show my pictures to and discuss how to improve, be shown possible directions. I have assisted about a hundred different photographers in my youth, but I was not a very good assistant, none of them never offered to take me as their full time assistant, I did not try very hard to make myself worthy, I was happy just to cross their pass... I never really thought photography was a serious business, I never thought life was a serious business. Now that I am stranded in my creative no man's land, I often wonder where I find the energy to carry on taking all those photographs that never get shared. It is an act not dissimilar to writing poetry; you just have to spit it out. If I had been a 19 th century poet, I would have chosen Walt Whitman as a mentor. If I had been smart, I would have gone to that Dieter Appelt class...Dieter, hörst du mich?

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