Lisson's Gallery BOULE TO BRAID

Ah Ah Ah, I just found this old email(I'm in the middle of deleting) and I thought that the relation to my Come here Charlie post of a few days ago was too obvious to dismiss. I wonder if Richard Wentworth also goes to London Zoo. I wish I could e-mail him and ask him. Talking about the Lisson Gallery, which is the closest palace of 'high art' to my house, with the Serpentine Gallery and the Camden Art Centre, I do feel a bit sorry for them as just a couple of months ago, they started representing Ai WeiWei in the UK and they're having this show on at the moment and they don't even know if the guy is alive or dead and they must have twice as usual the amount of art students turning up at the gallery and looking enthralled. I personally can not believe that every thing we buy in this country is made in China, a country which abduct and en-prison artists and denies wrong doing, but still our leaders are telling us what it is that we should or should not do. Thank god for Lao Tse.

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