I heard this guy on the radio explaining nicely why he would not go further in to politic and I liked his simple way of washing his hand; he explained that politic is made up of lies and that if you do it for to long you become incapable of recognizing the truth. I have just finishing reading Marshall Berman's introduction to a new Penguin edition of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels The Communist Manifesto and already I feel better.. I'm reading the prefaces to 7 foreign editions and then the Manifesto itself and after that I should be able to decide if I will tackle The Capital. I have quit smoking for 5 months so Marx should be a piece of cake. Harrods has a set of Chanel flags on it's roof, the V&A  has a new show The Power of Making with a very special installation on Cromwell Road, Timber Wave by Amanda Levete Architects which seems highly complicated to build (5 days and counting)  It looks amazing so. It is actually being built and has been commissioned for The London Design Week which starts this Saturday 17/09.
I have not seen the exhibition yet but I love the promotional artwork on the V&A website; I did a few shot of the content of an art box that my grand-mother kept through the years for the children. Another one of those weird coincidence.

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