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If you have not been to see the Thomas Struth exhibition at the Whitechapell Gallery and stood very close to the print and looked up, particularly the photograph of the building site of an oil rig in China, you have lost a great occasion to feel small, and that is hard to do when you live in a city, and you have missed out on the retrospective of one of the best photographer in the world today. I didn't think the documentary in the Zhika Auditorium was very good but it is necessary to sometimes be reminded why exhibitions like this one are good for: you get to see many aspects of our society in one brief moment and under one roof, making it easier for our little brains to synthesise an otherwise overwhelming world.  Later, I got the same feeling from Abelardo Morell black & white 110x110mm (aprox) print of two 2000 pages books facing each other.It is so powerful and esthetically perfect that it made me feel small again.You can see and (and purchase) some of Abelardo Morell work at my favorite gallery in London Michael Hoppen  . It is raining.

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