Still me yet

Last Friday, I met up with my dearest "always in the know" friend Disneyrollergirl and off we went in our boys shoes and big coat to the Victoria and Albert Museum Friday Late to indulge in some 80's hip nostalgia and a contained bout of hysteria, such as Ettore Sotssas always bring on me. The whole experience was totally self-absorbing and I loved it; from Ron Arad to Jenny Holzer, from Laurie Anderson to Blade Runner, Ricardo Boffil to Peter Saville, all my childhood heroes were there, in a superficial way, yes, but still giving me a wink that I interpreted as a sign to remember where I came from. It seems like yesterday that I walk past a design gallery in Berlin one evening and saw the trolley armchair in the window;  it was 1988. As David Byrne put it "...as we get older, we stop making sense...", good old England to do it for us against the modish sum of 12 pounds.
The Postmodernism, Style & Subversion 1970/1990 at the V&A finishes on 15/01/2012

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Lovely to see you X