I wanted it to be complicated and it was.

Did you hear the one about a collector suing W. Eggleston for selling new enlarged prints of old photographs and thus diminishing their commercial value? read it here. Is it time to reopen the discussion about  photographic reproduction ? 
Is it time to talk about the possible senility of W.Eggleston and how he is being squeezed dry by his son?

I bought Art in America dated March 12 today and found out that Jan Groover passed away in January. She was on my list. She could produce beautiful still life which incomprehensible nature put Groover on an artist path rather than a commercial one.  I think I first saw one of her images in Select Magazine .This iconic 80's (and still going) portfolio of commercial photographers was for me the bible of the photography industry, with the most creative photographers around the world displayed in an incredibly well directed, edited and printed large size, 300 matt paper pages, once a year volume. it was for me pure advertising porn, when advertising was one of the most exciting media to illustrate the energy born from counter culture. Remember that Memorex tapes advert with Pete Murphy from Bauhaus? THAT time, THAT energy; a time when Eggleston was virtually unknown in Europe and left to shoot light bulb and tricycle while high on MET.

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