rain rain go away, little Johnny wants to play.

Song Dong's Waste not was even better than expected. Song and I have 2 things in common: we respect and admire our elder for their strange ways and our fathers died suddenly of heart attack. In my case my mother was left alone to get on with it as I was nursing a baby in London, 600 miles away from her. She threw herself in to caring for her own parents who were in their mid eighties at the time and it is they who did the Waste not and stored every single little piece of string, metal and leather, car windows and jam jars. I pointed out to Mies how amazing that what a chinese artist has in his mind is so very similar to what I have in my mind. Is it down to my reading the Tao Te King at the tender age of 18?
If you use too much washing-up liquid, you just waste water to rinse it off.

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