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For once I want to mention someone. I don't know the guy. I just know from his website that he is 20 years younger than me and certainly a whole lot less stupid. His name is Sam Laughlin.
I have just started reading Jeanette Winterson's memoir "Why be happy when you can be normal". She is just plain good. I am puzzled by a short paragraph in chapter one. I know Jeanette has written it for me; it goes: "Truth for anyone is a very complex thing. For a writer, what you leave out says as much as those things you include. What lies beyond the margins of the text? The photographer frames the shot; writers frame their world." 
Beyond the fact that she is hinting at photographers being devoid of personal vision, it seems that for someone of such talent and perspicacity, she doesn't know a thing about contemporary photography.
Shall I send for her a copy of Roland Barthes "La Chambre Claire" even if I am not so sure he wrote about photography being as much about what is left out of the frame than on the film. Should I suggest the purchase of one of A. Broomberg and O. Chanarin image of their People in trouble (Dots) serie                         What type of photographer is she referring to? packshot photographers? sport? news? wedding photographers? fashion? film set? beauty? portrait photographers?
are you suppose to frame and shoot? I thought...
Yoko Ono shows open at the Serpentine this friday. I am sure she knows. I will inform myself. Could a reconversion as a photographer who "frame the shoot" be possible after years of trying not to show what I saw.
I am puzzled. I am thinking about jigsaw puzzle; you know, you grab a piece, you put it down and then you imagine what the next piece looks like. I love jigsaw puzzle...particularly the ones with lots of grasses and trees.


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the show was so bad it made me sad.