I take a pile of Frieze magazines. To keep or not to keep? I open the issue on top of the pile , hoping for a sign. Issue 50, January/February 2000; I open randomly page 88/89; Yves Klein and Dino Buzzati engaged in the ritual transfer of immateriality, January 26th,1962. Andy Warhol, Invisible sculpture 1985, Area nightclub, New York.....this all looks very actual....deja vu? Touched by your presence is the article title, Ralph Rugoff on invisibility in art is the sub title. This , I take as a sign that I better keep all my issues of Frieze for it seems to prevail by exactly 12 ½ years the current art world for the Hayward Gallery summer exhibition is named Invisible and is about...Invisibility in art! Thank you Chrome, after a bit of typing I discover Ralph Rugoff is now director and curator at the Hayward gallery.
I conclude that 12 years is the time required to bring a project to term. I will bear that in mind. 

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