incident Ed

a couple of weeks ago, there was a car boot sale right on our door step, one of the many joy of living in a small town, and I purchase this wonderfully useless and beautifully crafted  wooden game by Swiss conpany naef. It is called Angular and is designed by Peter Clahsen in 1972. I always wanted one, because I love useless things, but those educational games are a small fortune in shops. This one costed me the price of 2,5 kg of potatoes. Car boot sale here are named Vide-Grenier, Empty-Attic...the old flea -market still exist round the corner but is not as good as it was in the eighties. I would like to take a trip to the amazing Village des Antiquaires in L'ile-sur-la-Sorgue but I'm too afraid of the massive charges applied on overdraft here. And I am too busy looking for work anyway...

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