Birthday wishes

I just found the birthday card ( a photo of a pygmy owl, Glaucidium Passerinum) my parents sent me from Switzerland on the eve of my 25th birthday; here is a translation of what my father wrote: Big kisses and birthday wishes for this quarter of a century. I hope you are making beautiful B&
W negatives with the Fuji (dev. Microphen 1+1- time (missing) at 20℃- shake gently once every minutes)
Ensue a major stress as to where the said Fuji (GA645) is. Could it have been lost in the removal? the only possibility is that it stayed behind somewhere, I am nearly certain it made it to France, only nearly; I am going to my mother tomorrow to work on some furniture. I hope I will find it really quickly, I love this camera, I love it stupidly, I suspect ARAKI to use one and it shoot the most beautiful negs and even better Ektachromes. Oh yes... those have gone missing too. What's going on in here?

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