The She

Today's is international Women's Day and I post this picture for all the women around the world who do not have access to clean water and have to spend hours every day to collect water, boil it, re-use it in order to feed their family and keep themselves and the children clean. Respect.
I recently viewed on my beloved Arte Channel +7 player a very informative film: Water Makes Money, by Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz. The site is listed as containing computer malware at present and most of the links to the film's website are either in french or german but to give you an idea, it is about the profit-only management of water by private french company Veolia, with the complicity of banks and government official. Yes, water has become big business, it is the 21st century's gold and, once again, guess who is left to mend the broken pieces? 
My grandmother always told me that mankind best invention was not the airplane or the steam engine but the washing machine and I, looking at the deformity of her hands brought on, partly, by years of washing the laundry in the ice-cold water of the outdoor basin. For an instant, I visualized myself bent over a washboard rubbing bedlinen in January. I understood immediately how she felt about the Paris-NY Concorde flight. History is written by men, including the compendium of the greatest inventions.
Sometimes, the glass is half-empty.

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