black holes

I was just about to post a note on Elinor Carucci's show at James Hyman Gallery when I read -Hey! look at me on (notes on) politics, theory & photography and was turned cold turkey by Jim Johnson's critic of her narcissist approach. Nothing is never simple and the view of a highly intelligent social anthropologist can be a black hole. While this review won't put me off going to see Elinor's show,  I am sure to follow (notes on) politics, theory and photography if only to stop myself from posting too many pictures of my daughter or grand-father.
I am also looking forward to the William Eggleston exhibition at Victoria Miro gallery starting on 15/01/10. Thanks to Juergen Teller (I will come back on him later) and my friend David, I have developed a bit of an obsession on Eggleston lately, so it will be good to see some recent work as I was not very impressed by the catalogue of his Paris exhibition at the Fondation Cartier last year. It stopped me from having any regret that I didn't make it in time to Paris for the show. ( but I sure did not miss the George Condo's show at the Musee Maillol!)

Alpes de Haute Provence


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