I have had my eyes on these cactus for about 10 years.They proudly stand on the windowsills of a basement flat in the neighborhood. As I was snapping away, I was hopping for a hand to draw one of the nets and for a face to appear; who was dedicated to these plants? man or woman? how old? what kind of clothes was a person who'd display a Shaggy flowerpot wearing ? I imagined pale blue eyes, wrinkly hands


My first bought book this year will remind myself to remember how much Japanese graphic design has influenced me and how graphic photography was in the 70s. This book is proof of it. Although printed in Singapore(well...), the quality of the paper (cover included) is not impressive and the subject would have deserved better quality reproductions, but the japanese production and design gives it the feel of one of the most desirable book coming my way. there's a very informative post in ModernArtObsession dated 15 october about photography books and japanese photography.
Graphic photography...Graphic photography...Graphic photography...??...!...?
-Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and 1970s by Ryuichi Kaneko and Ivan Vartanian for Goliga Books
published by Aperture

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